Working out with a personal trainer can help you reach your goals sooner, safer, and generally with better results than exercising alone. Not only will you learn new movements that connect you with each body part, you’ll also learn modifications for injuries AND techniques to avoid them. We can help to give you a smooth recovery from a current injury, plus we can also recommend exercises that emphasize overall muscular balance. We have a balanced approach to fitness and wellness. Yes, you need to work hard, but you also need to work smart! We focus on long-term goals and teach you how to move safely. Our personal trainers hold you accountable to your goals. It is easy to lose momentum when you are doing your journey on your own and we are here to push you to an extent that you didn’t think you could before. We take everything into account – your current fitness level, your injuries, your goals – and we make them a reality … through small, achievable milestones. No one wants to be overwhelmed right off the bat. Small goals help you to know what you’re capable of. They are little wins along the way to your bigger fitness goals. Small wins are still wins!

We are realistic in goal setting, and we can explain what to expect in each session. We can also optimize each session – with your end goals in mind.

Scared to do it on your own? No problem. We offer 2-on-1 personal training or small group sessions- so whether it is your spouse, significant other, co-worker, friend, neighbor, or just your workout buddy, we can work with your goals and needs to accommodate your fitness journey.

But how much does it cost? Pricing does vary based on the duration of sessions (30 minutes vs 60 minutes), amount of weekly sessions (1 time a week vs 3 times a week), if you choose to do a 2-on-1 personal training vs 1-on-1 personal training or small group session, and our volume savings. For details on exact pricing based on your goals, availability, and needs please email us at for more information.